Essay On How To Deal With International Terrorism

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All these are linked to the effectual participation in serious crimes including assault, extortion, kidnapping, hostage taking and murder.Moreover, terrorism perniciously impacts socio-economic development of states, kills friendly international relations among States, and negatively impacts the efforts of cooperation and peaceful co-existence among States, such as the cooperation for trade, growth and development.Consequently, the respect for human rights and the rule of law has lacked its meaning in international fight against terrorism.

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This is where states are obligated to ensure that human rights of their nationals are protected against threats of terrorism.

Therefore they ensure that the perpetrators of acts of terrorism are brought to justice.

Terrorism also threatens the security of States as well as territorial integrity thus grossly violating the principles and values of the UN; this is a threat to the peace and security of the international community.

This means that acts of terrorism must be suppressed by all means as an indispensable measure for the upholding of peace and security worldwide .

Introduction In as much as terrorism has a direct effect on human rights, recent years have witnessed States taking a number of measures to counter terrorism and some of these measures have posed severe threats to human rights and the rule of law.

For example some states have used measures such as torture and other gross acts in the name of countering terrorism, disregarding outcries from legal independent organisations that are responsible for detection and prevention of torture.

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These factors touch on the enjoyment of human rights of the global citizenry.

As far as most governments are concerned, the security of their citizens is a basic human right hence they do whatever they can in order to protect individuals accordingly.


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