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This same restraint in use against Europeans also occurred with the early machine guns.These weapons made it possible for relatively tiny Europeans forces to overwhelm huge armies and to control vast areas.

This same restraint in use against Europeans also occurred with the early machine guns.

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America had already started investing in Cuba’s natural resources while Hawaii’s best ports, already under America’s control, was used to access China for efficient trading.

The state’s secretary pressured Europeans to stop blocking America’s participation in China’s trade.

The development of the river steamboat, for example, allowed the deeper penetration of Africa, and a means whereby large areas of a riverine civilization such as China’s could be controlled with a relatively small force.

The steamboat was a major factor in the British triumph in the Opium War during the 1840s, and Commodore Perry’s visit to Japan during the next decade was a further example of the supremacy of Western technology.

A considerable debate has focused around the causes of the “new imperialism” of the late nineteenth century.

One school has stressed political motives, emphasizing such aspects as international rivalries, naval strategy, the instability of imperial frontiers, the diversion of popular attention from domestic problems, and the influence of pressure groups on politicians.Imperialism is the establishment of political and economic dominance over other nations. America, on its own, is not supposed to be an empire.Many nations took part in colonial empires including the U. It was a rebel colony initially being the first system to dispose British rule.America had a war with Spain in 1898 which after its conclusion, America was given the ownership of Cuba, Philippines and Puerto Rico which were previous possessions of Spain.America wanted an efficient and easier access of its navy to the Pacific and the Caribbean oceans.Some early guerrillas, and groups who were able for a short time to secure European weapons, were remarkably hard to put down—an omen of the future.What the Europeans themselves would only realize as they mowed down each other in the First World War was that the new weapons had a defensive advantage which made the offensive charges of the past obsolete.Imperialism was first practiced in Samoa which motivated the rest of the America.The United States had positive motives when they got involved in the task.The Europeans were very careful to keep these inventions from the Africans and Asians, who were not unfamiliar with firearms.A racial aspect of this was the development of the Dum-Dum bullet which tore great holes in the flesh, and was not used against other Europeans, only against Africans and Asians.


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