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Those were the darkest days for the family and friends of the victims and also for Muslims all around the world. Al-Qaeda is a militant Islamist group, also known as extremists or terrorists, who are calling for a global Jihad. The Five Books of Moses = [Ḥamishah ḥumshe Torah] : an Easy-to-read Torah Translation.

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Although followers of many religions do make similar claims, here we are talking of a claim which should be fully supported by injunctions contained in the divine scriptures.

If however, every religion emphasises to the same degree the role of peace in human affairs, it is a most welcome gesture, which we do appreciate, and on which one can build hope for the future of mankind.

In the psalm of David, he seeks peace in these words; “I will lie down and in peace, for you alone, o lord, make me dwell in safety” (4:8).

Jesus Christ gave the message o f love, peace, tolerance and non-violence.

Unfortunately, for many people the name of “Islam” is inseparable with terrorism.

And it is easy to explain: the statistics say that six out of seven terrorist acts were committed by Muslim organizations related with Al-Qaeda. We will dive into the history of Islam and learn some facts about its customs, belief and acts of worship.The Gospel of John records the following word of Jesus, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. Do not let your hearts be troubles and do not be afraid” (). In the chapter well-explained the Quran says; “Respond with which is better, so that he, between whom and you there was animosity, shall be like intimate friend. "New Living Translation (NLT Bible) - Version Information - Bible "Bible A Searchable Online Bible in over 100 Versions and 50 Languages. This lays the foundation for a concerted effort on the part of the religious leaders of the world to work jointly for global peace.Instead of playing up our differences, it would be far more advisable and advantageous if the religious leadership highlighted points of agreement.This, we are certain would be accepted as the binding factors between all religious denominations.Consequently, it could lead to the bringing together of the entire human race, regardless of country, creed or colour.This essay about Islam discloses the subject of one of the most popular religions in the world – Islam – and its history.To be precise it is the second most popular faith on the Earth. Islam has about 1.7 billion followers in more than 120 countries.If religions do not undertake this work none else can, because this is the only force capable of transcending national, geographic and racial barriers.With this earnest appeal to the leadership of the world religions, we bring this short treatise to a close, hoping for the best.


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