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Scholarships are super important to ensure that we can build up our profession with nurses for the future. Whatever the reason may be, for most of us, it’s different.I would like to share an example of the Nurse Kelley Scholarship essay that I have written. I chose to go into nursing because of a personal experience that I had when I was young.And it brings us all together, our binding character trait.

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It is so funny how nursing just pulls you out of your everyday life as if to say, “nope, you don’t get to be a civilian today, you’re still a nurse”! Four days after I was crowned Miss Colorado I was driving in my crown and sash away from an appearance as a car flipped over on our interstate and started on fire. A fireman also pulled over (that special place in our hearts, other service industry members have that too!The 26-year-old was studying to become an air traffic controller when government money dried up for the program in Oklahoma.It wasn’t until his mother took a fall and was cared for by a male nurse that Hernandez began to consider nursing as a career.Economists have long assumed that displaced workers, such as those left behind by globalization and automation, could adapt and move into growing fields, like nursing.But that largely hasn’t happened, and economists attribute the failure to a number of factors.You see, nursing is a profession where you have to take care of complete strangers, and we have signed on to do this for life. The most important thing to remember is that we don’t mind. We know what we have gotten ourselves into, and we love doing it.Nursing is so incredibly unique and selfless in that what we do every single day is care for people who are at their most vulnerable moments, and we often times do it while missing something in our life that means something to us. There is a special place in a nurse’s heart that draws them to the type of work that we do.Pay plays a role, but there’s something else deterring them from these jobs, says economist Betsey Stevenson: stigma.Hernandez barely took a breath when talking about an open heart surgery he watched two weeks ago: the doctor stopped the patient’s heart to operate while a perfusionist — a nurse specialist — operated the heart-lung machine, pumping oxygenated blood throughout the patient’s body.I want to tell you why I believe scholarships are so important. I, personally, had to take out over ,000 in student loans when I went to school, so I completely understand the need for scholarship and outside opportunities to fund your dreams.You always hear people talking about “nurse burnout”. I want to live in a scholastic world where money does not stop one selfless human being from pursuing the most trusted profession in the world.


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