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Research published in 2017, for instance, found that multicultural experiences could reduce cross-cultural prejudice.Prejudice is an attitude that can trigger abusive actions.

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This segregation can reinforce and promote racist attitudes because people are more likely to prejudge people with whom they have little experience.

Therapists are not immune to prejudicial attitudes.

A doctor might even think that someone who is in severe pain is an addict seeking painkillers.

It’s possible to be prejudiced against many groups.

Most sociologists define discrimination as action or a group of actions.

So while the two concepts are linked, they’re not the same.While discrimination and oppression characterize behavior by powerful groups directed toward the less powerful, anyone can be prejudiced. Prejudgment may cause a person to ignore information that contradicts their prejudice. For example, a parent who believes that boys are tough and rambunctious might attribute their son’s crying to anger rather than to empathy for another person or fear of a monster.When prejudice leads to inaccurate or incomplete conclusions about other people, it can harm relationships.They may believe that their female patients are faking or exaggerating their pain, or that they are reacting with excessive emotion to relatively minor pain. A doctor’s prejudicial belief that women are too “emotional,” that they handle pain poorly, or that they exaggerate their own pain can change the way the doctor sees that patient.The doctor might be reluctant to treat the patient or provide appropriate pain management.Social norms and cultural contexts play a significant role in the types of prejudice a person is likely to hold.Racism has figured prominently in American life for centuries.So it’s unsurprising that racist prejudices against people of color are far more prevalent than prejudice against whites.Responses to the 2008 General Social Survey, for instance, found that people are less likely to say black people are intelligent than they are to say white people are intelligent. People who spend more time with people who are different from them are less likely to hold prejudicial attitudes.Indeed, most schools offer therapists little training on the role of racism, sexism, and other forms of prejudice and discrimination in therapy.Prejudice can undermine the therapeutic process and harm clients.


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