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As an accommodation to this law, African-Americans developed a shuffling dance in which their feet never left the ground.The physically impaired man Rice saw dancing in this way became the prototype for early minstrelsy (Engle 1978).However, the Sambo was seen as naturally lazy and therefore reliant upon his master for direction.

As an accommodation to this law, African-Americans developed a shuffling dance in which their feet never left the ground.The physically impaired man Rice saw dancing in this way became the prototype for early minstrelsy (Engle 1978).However, the Sambo was seen as naturally lazy and therefore reliant upon his master for direction.

The response was also wildly enthusiastic as 26 million Americans went to the movies to see Al Jolson in the "Jazz Singer" (Boskin 1986).

Movies were, and still are, a powerful medium for the transmission of stereotypes.

Weel about and turn about and do jis so, eb'ry time I wheel about I jump Jim Crow" (Bean et al., 1997, p. The method of representing African-Americans as "shuffling and drawling, cracking and dancing, wisecracking and high stepping" buffoons evolved over time (Engle, 1978, p. Self-effacing African-American actors began to play these parts both on the stage and in movies.

Bert Williams was a popular African-American artist who performed this stereotype for white society.

This pervasive image of a simple-minded, docile black man dates back at least as far as the colonization of America.

The Sambo stereotype flourished during the reign of slavery in the United States.Additionally, strategies for intervention and the implications of this exploration into racial stereotypes will be presented.The racial stereotypes of early American history had a significant role in shaping attitudes toward African-Americans during that time.Bishop Wipple's Southern Diary, 1834-1844, is evidence of this justification of slavery, "They seem a happy race of beings and if you did not know it you would never imagine that they were slaves" (Boskin, 1989, p. However, it was not only slave owners who adopted the Sambo stereotype (Boskin, 1989).Although Sambo was born out of a defense for slavery, it extended far beyond these bounds.White women, men and children across the country embraced the image of the fat, wide-eyed, grinning black man.It was perpetuated over and over, shaping enduring attitudes toward African-Americans for centuries. Rice is the acknowledged "originator" of the American blackface minstrelsy.In fact, "a stereotype may be so consistently and authoritatively transmitted in each generation from parent to child that it seems almost a biological fact" (Boskin, 1986, p. The stereotyping of African-Americans was brought to the theatrical stage with the advent of the blackface minstrel (Engle, 1978). His inspiration for the famous minstrel dance-and-comedy routine was an old, crippled, black man dressed in rags, whom he saw dancing in the street (Engle, 1978).Beginning in the early 19th century, white performers darkened their faces with burnt cork, painted grotesquely exaggerated white mouths over their own, donned woolly black wigs and took the stage to entertain society. This "city dandy" was the northern counterpart to the southern "plantation darky," the Sambo (Engle, 1978 p. During that time, a law prohibited African-Americans from dancing because it was said to be "crossing your feet against the lord" (Hoffmann, 1986, video).Early silent movies such as "The Wooing and Wedding of a Coon" in 1904, "The Slave" in 1905, "The Sambo Series" 1909-1911 and "The Nigger" in 1915 offered existing stereotypes through a fascinating new medium (Boskin, 1986). Griffith film, the Ku Klux Klan tames the terrifying, savage African-American through lynching.The premiere of "Birth of a Nation" during the reconstruction period in 1915 marked the change in emphasis from the happy Sambo and the pretentious and inept Jim Crow stereotypes to that of the Savage. Following emancipation, the image of the threatening brute from the "Dark Continent" was revitalized.


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