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A short quote is defined as having four or fewer typed lines, citing this type of quote is easy.

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Here is an example of a long block quote, this time a prose example.

What General Weygand called The Battle of Franc hos over. Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization.

It also addresses a few special issues, like what to do if there is a spelling error in a quote, as well as how to handle punctuation. If you omit an entire sentence, use ellipses points, and retain rules for end punctuation (always place a period at the end of a declarative sentence).

Consult the MLA Handbook to review additional topics and learn more. If you decide to quote a source in order to support your thesis statement, reproduce the source word for word. In other words, use four periods, with no space before the first or after the last.

Use only one block quote per 4 pages of text to avoid overwhelming the reader.

Quotations are effective in academic writing when used carefully and selectively. The Modern Language Association of America, 2016, pp. The process for citing a quote which contains more than four lines of prose or text differs slightly from that of a shorter quote.In this case, enclose the text in a free standing block of text (aka block quote) and omit any quotation marks.MLA prefers short quotes, summarizing, or paraphrasing.However, if required quotes are more than four lines long in your paper, use a block quote format.Outlined below are a few of the most commonly followed guidelines for including direct quotes into your own work.As a way of practice, MLA guidelines dictate that all pages should be double spaced.Unless you use brackets or parentheses (see below), changes to the source’s words, spelling, capitalization, or punctuation cannot be made. Follow this rule for a quotation with an ellipses at the end as well, except when a parenthetical citation follows the ellipses. Additionally, introducing the quote with a signal phrase helps you smoothly incorporate the quotation (“Quotations” 75). Original: “I know I have said this before and will say it again, but it bears repeating: if it’s not in the text, it doesn’t exist. You should remember that the entire quote should be indented ½ inch from the left margin.You will still need to maintain a double spaced paragraph.


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