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Another profound and unique interpretation of sorrowful love can be seen in Emily Dickinson’s writing.An interesting example can be seen in “Heart, We Will Forget Him” .

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Even though there were only a few there, it was still enough to have something meaningful in them that I could not miss out on.

At first the names of the slides challenged my mind a bit because they all seemed new to me but I stopped at ‘Plato: Symposium.’ And opening it just at the second page it was written; ‘Plato’s praise for Eros or Love’ and I knew I had found what I was looking for. November Love Love has no definite meaning, and because of this, there are many ways through which it can be defined.

It is a matter of deliberation whether the episodes of the writing are mental recollections or real physical experiences.

Other critics even suggest this being some type of symbolism. The lines from the book are viewed as shocking for Eliot’s contemporaries.

It can be used to define the compassion and affection which is shown to other human beings, animals, or oneself.

Love for people, or interpersonal love, is the love... Love Stories Love entails an emotion expressed towards someone or something.Walt Whitman, however, wrote several love poems which are worth their read and are seen as classics nowadays.The specific feature of Whitman's writing is that it is not always gender specific. An example of this can be seen in the poem To a Stranger, where the author addresses a boy or a girl (Hess, 2008).The feelings are viewed from a woman’s perspective.Here is a sample from Cather’s “The Song of The Lark”: The spark in his eye, which is one’s very self, caught the spark in hers that was herself, and for a moment they looked into each other’s natures.The theme of love is involved in the works of Willa Cather as well.Love in her writing is seen as carrying very profound and emotional shading.Cather’s writing is very original in the aspect of approach to love and the role of woman.Thomas Stearns Eliot (September 26, 1888 – January 4, 1965) authored one of the most breath-taking pieces of writing peculiar considering the fact that it mainly involved carnal love.Cather was really deep into the love psychology of women and managed to picture it in a very deep and emotional way.It is of interest that the writings are usually woman-centered.


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