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The attribution stage (Lanarkshire CC v B, Re S-B, Re J); Consider all of that conflicting case law.Then move onto a consideration of the welfare stage and how this has factored in, along with the obvious no order principle and the welfare checklist. ' Alocal authority can only remove a child compulsorily from the care of itsparents where the ‘threshold conditions’ are satisfied - (Children Act 1989section 31).

The attribution stage (Lanarkshire CC v B, Re S-B, Re J); Consider all of that conflicting case law.

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There is little doubt that disabled children represent some of the most vulnerable members of our society and as a distinct and identifiable group, their needs have historically been given less attention...

Sam and Sue have been statemented under the Education Acts but little has been done for them in a poor school on a OFSTED Warning List.

Bobby has failed to reach his developmental milestones and the Health Visitor who has seen him as well as the baby is so worried about all the family that he has told Social Services that a Child Protection Conference should be convened.

Does this give enoughprotection to the child, and does it achieve a proper balance between thechild’s rights and the parents’ rights, or is the law in need of reform?

Essays On Family Law

' Again I'd like to stress I don't want the full answer, merely a bit of direction in answering. Introduce the inherent tension which the question hints at.

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Read more of the answer →Case Study Vivien and Cyril have five children billy aged 13, the son of Vivien’s first husband and a convicted armed robber, twins Sam and Sue, who are 9 and severely dyslexic, bobby who is 6, who is slow and withdrawn and phoebe, their 13 month old baby.

Billy is always getting into trouble and has already had a number of informal cautions from the police.


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