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Although I may be nervous about conquering challenges, like public speaking, I still step up and face them head-on.Now, I take control of my future and engage in my community by volunteering at the hospital, tutoring my peers, and being a senior mentor to two freshmen.

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Considering your past experiences and your future ambitions, who do you feel you are becoming now?

In what ways are those two images congruent, or divergent?

In fall of 2015, I was preparing my Common App application for Ohio State (I submitted September 30 – so early!

), and I wanted to enhance my undergraduate education by being in either an Honors program or a Scholars program.

Both have their merits and benefits; it just depends what each individual seeks in their college experience.

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To me, Honors is a more academic-focused experience.I feel like I am turning into a person who doesn’t follow in someone’s footsteps or who hides in the shadows, but who forges my own path. Maybe one day I will even be courageous enough to try green eggs and ham.This is what my childhood copy of the book looked like.However, Scholars also offered some appealing traits; there are 17 themes for the Scholars programs, catering to different interests.You also get to live and learn with your Scholars cohort your first year on campus (it’s a requirement!However, these two images are also divergent because I am more responsible and outgoing.I seize the moment and take advantage of all opportunities.) and in addition to that, you all take a 1-credit hour seminar course that counts for grade and credit!Both programs allow you to be more involved because they have activities and events exclusive to those programs.I even spent a week in college dorms 100 miles from home, which forced me to adjust to unfamiliar settings.Now I am more comfortable with meeting new people and find it easier to strike up conversations.


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