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The pain can be debilitating, and the only option for these people are to take copious amounts of drugs and painkillers to help numb the pain even just a little bit. Euthanasia gives these people a way to stop theirs and their family’s suffering. Death With Dignity A person that is bed ridden and sick is at the mercy of nurses, medical staff, and family for things like eating, using the restroom, changing clothes, and bathing.This can be very degrading for a person, and many do not want to be a burden or remembered by their family in such a way.

Many different things charge the debate surrounding this hot button issue.

Terminal diseases and illnesses are painful, especially when the person inflicted is nearing the end of their battle.

Unimaginable pain, uncertainty, and a loss of control are things that no one should have to endure when they are nearing their death.

However, the opposition believe that religious, moral, and ethical values all must take importance and that death should come naturally as it is intended to.

Whatever the essay topic is, the writing itself has a central message.

The points and facts used to support your argument will be the central message.

Once done, the next step is to start writing Here are some useful assisted suicide essay writing tips to get you started already As you know, every essay includes three sections – the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

It is best to start your essay with an attention-grabbing introduction and a stronger conclusion while the body paragraphs elaborate more on your facts and points.

There are steps to take to develop your thesis statement.

These include asking a few questions such as Your thesis statement lies in the answers to your questions.


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