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In Our crazy life style, the busy students of any High School, are always short on time.

From just about any High School in the United States allows three to four minutes between classes, which can cause some problems.

Read More Time management is a tough job for a student.

Life is challenging for students today as they have to manage time for work, house, and family gathering and college assignments.

Read More College is all about time management and having a healthy balance between doing your work and having time for your friends and your relaxation needs.

Every day cant be the same monotonous schedule of staying up late doing homework and then getting up early for class. Read More Due to the advance in technology, most colleges offer both online courses and classroom courses.As a group we constantly contact each other and make sure that we were ...Read More Life in college is stepping stone to success of a student.Read More Time, the greatest wealth that we as humans should take advantage of it however, unfortunately in most cases it gets wasted without us even noticing it because we do not know how to manage this precious opportunity.This could be due to not knowing how to prioritize, tackle daily tasks, ...Students sometimes have trouble managing their time because they either have too many tasks to complete or it's just their pure laziness.Proof of this can be found simply in the dorm commons area. Read More Time management refers to the process or the act of organizing or planning on the amount of time to spend on specific activities (What is Time Management? The main aim of time management is to optimize production by increasing effectiveness and efficiency in carrying out ones daily duties and responsibilities ...There are numerous factors that go into the decision between which type of course to take (Ningning et al.).Every student is different, thus the qualities of the student might help determine which course would ... Read More Before I did the reading I didnt have a clear understanding about time management, procrastination, and understanding direction, I found that they mean a lot more than I thought.Read More Whatever definition you may claim, time is life. To waste your time, it means to waste your life, and mastery of time usage is mastery of life and making the most of it. This was clear when I took the time management quiz, I scored 76, in each category I got between 9 and ...Read More All young students attend college with a goal to further their education.


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