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Outcome and process research addressing key relationship factors, such as the forgiveness of injuries, has also been conducted with positive results.EFT studies are generally rigorous and published in the best peer reviewed journals.In terms of the gold standard set out by bodies such as APA for psychotherapy research, EFT epitomizes the very highest level set out by this standard.

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It tends to view change in terms of the systems of interaction between family members.

It emphasizes family relationships as an important factor in psychological health.

Recent research involves outcome studies of couples facing trauma and stressful events (the Dalton and Mac Intosh studies, and a study on EFT effects on attachment security with an FMRI component.) The FMRI study shows that EFT changes the way contact with a partner mediates the effect of threat on the brain.

A short video, Soothing the Threatened Brain, summarizing this study can be viewed on

The different schools of family therapy have in common a belief that, regardless of the origin of the problem, and regardless of whether the clients consider it an "individual" or "family" issue, involving families in solutions often benefits clients.

This involvement of families is commonly accomplished by their direct participation in the therapy session.Formal interventions with families to help individuals and families experiencing various kinds of problems have been a part of many cultures, probably throughout history.These interventions have sometimes involved formal procedures or rituals, and often included the extended family as well as non-kin members of the community (see for example Ho'oponopono).EFT is the only model of couple intervention that uses a systematic empirically validated theory of adult bonding as the basis for understanding and alleviating relationship problems.The generalizability of EFT across different kinds of clients and couples facing co-morbidities such as depression and PTSD has been examined and results are consistently positive.There is an outcome study in progress of the new educational program based on EFT (Hold Me Tight® Program: Conversations for Connection).A pilot study has also been completed at the VA in Baltimore on EFT with veteran couples dealing with PTSD.Completed and ongoing EFT research consistently supports the efficacy of the Emotionally Focused Therapy model.Family therapy, also referred to as couple and family therapy, marriage and family therapy, family systems therapy, and family counseling, is a branch of psychotherapy that works with families and couples in intimate relationships to nurture change and development.In brief, EFT researchers can show that, as set out in the Johnson 2004 seminal text, Creating Connection: The Practice of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, EFT works very well, results last, we know HOW it works so we can train therapists to intervene efficiently and we know it works across different populations and problems.It also links congruently to other bodies of research such as those examining the nature of relationship distress and adult attachment processes.


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