First Grade Problem Solving Activities

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The solution to instilling these thinking skills lies in problem solving lesson plans.

These are the five best problem solving lesson resources for any grade level: All of these resources have both pros and cons, so looking at each one individually is key when planning your problem solving lessons. Teacher Vision is a paid digital resource that offers free online lesson plans.

Struggle and mistakes are really important when learning, this is what grows and expands the brain.

Believing in yourself helps a student not feel defeated when mistakes happen.

Teacher Vision also lays out a general procedure, which includes recognizing conflicts, defining problems, considering solutions, and deciding on a course of action.

Altogether, that makes Teacher Vision a robust resource with a logical layout and versatile products.

At the time of publication, they have more than 2000 lessons and teaching strategies that apply to first through eighth grade.

They also list the resources you’ll need to complete a lesson, ensuring you’re not caught off guard when you start in the classroom.

On the downside, the lessons are only appropriate for students between first and eighth grade. If Teacher Vision doesn’t suit your needs, you have plenty of alternatives!

Ed Creative is a subdivision of that collects lesson plans from other online resources.


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