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Five Paragraph Essay Rap-6
- For as along as I can remember loving music I can remember being fascinated by rap and hip-hop, even from a very early age.I don’t know what it is about both rap and hip-hop that makes kids love it and parents hate it, but before diving into that both terms need to be properly defined.

[tags: Hip hop music, Hip hop, Rapping] - Nowadays if you ask someone to define the hip-hop genre, they probably would say that it’s an African American artist reciting lyrics that rhyme to the beat of music.

However, it’s a form of expression where the artist’s lyrics connect to self-image and a meaningful bond to their community.

While often synonymous with one another, the two may share a few similarities but for the most part vary greatly.

Lets start with hip-hop, which was described by KRS-One and Marley Mar in their song Hip Hop Lives as, "Hip and Hop is more than music, Hip is the knowledge, Hop is the movement Hip and Hop is intelligent movement,” (lyrics to Hip Hop Lives)....

( The culture, music, and lifestyle known as hip-hop began in the Bronx in New York City in the years 1970’s....

[tags: Hip hop music, Hip hop, Afrika Bambaataa] - The idea of hip-hop is characterized by four explicit elements, all of which represent the different aspects of the culture: Rapping, DJing, Breakdancing, and Graffiti art.

[tags: Hip hop, Hip hop music, Nas, Thing] - The certain attractions hip hop music that is fed to young people of this generation is dangerous.

Over the years, hip hop music has been feeding young people music that is negative but is listened to in a positive way.

Words speak loud for those who cannot speak for themselves, not well educated, or a way to connect to someone and/or something.

In today’s world, it seems as though majority of the music being played on the radio surrounds its lyrics around drug, sex, and money....


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