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He wheels himself over to the mid-metamorphosis in-valid and pulls from his side the one shred of identity he chooses to keep with him: the silver medal he won during his final swimming competition.This is one of the few times where the camera shows Vincent and Eugene at eye level with one another, as it is a midpoint for both their transformations— the only time in which they are truly equals.

His presentation of the medal to Vincent is a challenge: he asks him to do a better job at being him than himself.

There is a symbolic prop in the film that plays a key role in expressing Eugene’s personal strife within himself.

The item is revealed in a scene where Eugene is preparing blood samples for Vincent— essentially draining his identity away.

He tells him that “Jerome Morrow was never meant to be one step down on the podium,” and goes on to reveal his bitterness towards the situation and the hand he has been dealt.

This line clearly identifies Eugene as a victim of the second failing, as a man who has been prescribed his manifest destiny since birth, only to have it ripped away from him in an unpredicted twist of fate.


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