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Without major societal changes over the next decade, the planet will face a global environmental catastrophe that will cause or worsen war, poverty, water shortages and massive species die-offs, or so says a dire report issued in fall 2018.While the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report was shocking and disturbing, all hope is not lost.These days, global warming has been a matter of great concern for us.

Because humans are negatively impacting the environment, it would stand to reason, then, that we could generate a positive impact by altering some of our behavior.

No doubt these changes will be difficult to undertake and will require permanent lifestyle changes, but the IPCC’s report outlines a planet very different and much less inhabitable than the one we have today if we don’t act: Sea-level rise will displace millions of people, coral reefs will die off completely, and huge numbers of animal species will disappear from the earth.

So we should be very careful about global warming and take this issue seriously for our own betterment.

Greenhouse gases are comprised of Sulfur Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide that are also responsible for global warming.

Research suggests global warming was kicked off partly by the Industrial Revolution in the U. and other countries, which occurred in the mid-19th century.

While these changes took place in the United States and Europe nearly two centuries ago, other global economies are starting to emerge today, further contributing to industrialization and related pollution.As you are paying us for a quality essay, you will get our truly professional assistance.Don’t waste your valuable time and money, just trust us, we deliver you a quality essay written by our experienced and highly skilled writers.We need to cut our dependency on gasoline, fuel, petroleum, oil, coal. We should not burn up coal, wood, plastic, dried leaves or waste because these will produce huge Carbon Dioxide and speed up the global warming process. Apart from, the government should enact several laws in favor of eco-friendly environment so that it helps stop deforestation. We know it is difficult for any student to write the Causes and Effects of Global Warming Essay easily.That is why to make your task easier, hire us and you no longer need to bother about the quality, deadline, and uniqueness. We have many skilled and experienced writers who will help you get a good grade.If you are looking for a unique, top-notch, well researched, plagiarism free, impeccable essay, our agency ready to offer our greatest support.We will take care of your privacy too, and by no means, we share your essay with other students.In addition to clearing trees to make room for large areas adequate for the care and feeding of animals for food, these animals create a huge amount of waste, which produces methane, a very harmful greenhouse gas.Consumption of meat and meat products is expected to continue growing, even doubling by 2050, according to one projection.When we burn fossil fuel, it produces carbon dioxide extremely. Global warming changes the ecosystem and the world is becoming warmer.One major consequence of global warming is greenhouse effect that speeds up the rise of the sea level.


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