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As the news world puts it, your child shouldn’t “bury the lead,” that is, the most provocative and interesting part of the story.“The first time I met true heat, it was more of a slap in the face than a handshake.

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When admissions committee members read sentences like that, they will inevitably be transported to the time and place the writer is describing, and understand the emotions and thoughts the writer was experiencing.

Whereas a great college essay won’t help your child overcome low-to-average grades or standardized test scores, a poorly-written or average college essay could sink an otherwise strong application.

Therefore, your child should take the college essay writing process seriously. From an application standpoint, the college essay provides the only opportunity for your child to tell college admissions committees anything he or she wants them to know.

This process represents the last step in your child’s journey to his or her dream schools, but more importantly, to be in the best position to achieve his or her educational and career goals. From a purely functional standpoint, college essays carry a lot of weight in the admissions process.

In fact, many of America’s college insiders estimate that college essays account for 10-30% of admissions decisions!


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