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I have gone out, a possessed witch,haunting the black air, braver at night;dreaming evil, I have done my hitchover the plain houses, light by light:lonely thing, twelve-fingered, out of mind. We make a home for others, attend to them, cook, clean, console, teach and all along we are misunderstood. Waved my nude arms at villages going by...\"As I approach the part of my life where the foolishness and rebellion has subsided, my role as a mother and homemaker ended, I find myself waving my arms, freed from conformity, free to chose my own travels without regret living and attending to me.

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To me it is about walking in her dark side and riding where it took her ~ even if it crushed her.

She doesn't describe the typical woman, the Stepford wife, the repressed neighbor.

I think this poem means that every woman has struggled with something, and it really displays Annes life because she struggled with a lot and no one really understood what she was going through.| Posted on 2009-01-19 | by a guest .: i disagree :.

I believe this poem is more of a reflection on the life led by women like anne sexton, those who refused to conform to the ideals which society held for them.

We have no identity-our identity is that of a mother, a home maker, not that of an individual. My worry has passed, I am not afraid to try new things and if they bite my thigh.

It is the later part of a woman\'s life, enlightened, empowered, freed in mind and body from rules imposed on us by society and ourselves. ---Anne Sexton, as many of us underwent her own trials and faced her own demons.

She is dark and twisted and disturbed; she\'s unusual so it\'s scary to those who do not understand her.

The second describes that of a mother cursed with post postpartum depression.

She has been through a lot but it seems she finally decides to cast off the chains society has placed on her and embrace her illness.

With her not being ashamed to die, she is essentially saying that she is not ashamed of what she is, almost flaunting it, "waving [her] nude arms".


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