How To Write A Film Analysis Paper

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Then, however, it deviates from this conversation by suggesting that Ex Machina has things to say about humanity before non-human characters even appear.

Off to a great start.] The film’s first establishing shots set the action in a busy modern office.

Silence is frequently used in the rest of the film as a source of tension, with viewers acutely aware that it could be broken at any moment.

Part of the horror of the research bunker, which will soon become the film’s primary setting, is its silence, particularly during sequences of Caleb sneaking into restricted areas and being startled by a sudden noise.

[Ed.: follows a young programmer’s attempts to determine whether or not an android possesses a consciousness complicated enough to pass as human.

The film is celebrated for its thought-provoking depiction of the anxiety over whether a nonhuman entity could mimic or exceed human abilities, but analyzing the early sections of the film, before artificial intelligence is even introduced, reveals a compelling examination of humans’ inability to articulate their thoughts and feelings.The viewer is thus spatially disoriented in each new setting.This layering of glass and mirrors, doubling some images and obscuring others, is used later in the film when Caleb meets the artificial being Ava (Alicia Vikander), who is not allowed to leave her glass-walled living quarters in the research bunker.The reflections of passersby reflected in the glass and the workspace’s dim blue light make it difficult to determine how many rooms are depicted.The camera cuts to a few different young men typing on their phones, their bodies partially concealed both by people walking between them and the camera and by the stylized modern furniture that surrounds them.Because she's already teased the argument in the introduction and provided an account of her evidence, it doesn't strike us as unreasonable or far-fetched here. V shot of Caleb reading the email notification that he won the prize, we cut to a few other P. These cameras are not just looking at Caleb, but appear to be scanning him, as the screen flashes in different color lenses and small points appear around Caleb’s mouth, eyes, and nostrils, tracking the smallest expressions that cross his face.Instead, it appears that we've naturally arrived at the same incisive, fascinating points that she has.] A few other shots in the opening sequence more explicitly hint that Caleb is already under Nathan’s control before he ever arrives at the bunker. These small details indicate that Caleb is more a part of this digital space than he realizes, and also foreshadow the later revelation that Nathan is actively using data collected by computers and webcams to manipulate Caleb and others.In its opening sequence, establishes that it’s not only about the difficulty of creating a machine that can effectively talk to humans, but about human beings who struggle to find ways to communicate with each other in an increasingly digital world.[Ed.: The piece's opening introduces the film with a plot summary that doesn't give away too much and a brief summary of the critical conversation that has centered around the film.A woman sits at a computer, absorbed in her screen.The camera looks at her through a glass wall, one of many in the shot.


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