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Truth be told, my life is more than one central story; it's the evolution of life experiences that have morphed into who I am today.This is the real Sohil Shah: Conversations like these have pervaded the past 17 years of my life.

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Born into rural lives, my parents emigrated from India in 1989, bringing with them years of ancient Indian culture.

Our home is permeated by Indian traditions, but I am committed to embracing aspects of American culture as well.

In the second anecdote, I focus on my ability to persevere and overcome all obstacles that come my way.

The third anecdote speaks on behalf of my drive and crave for new ideas, thoughts and intellect.

You can write about a single idea or facet of your personality or life.

Try to offer specific details rather than generalities.Well, that's relative to what you define as "killer." A college admissions essay where you feel confident, passionate and overall happy about what your wrote is killer, regardless of what admissions counselors says.But, of course, you didn't come here to listen to some generic comments.With curiosities ranging from botany to the Revolution of 1800, I am an intellectual mess.Fortunately for me, my friends concur with my ravenous thirst for knowledge by contributing topics such as chemistry, music theory, and statistics to the melting pot.Being strictly American or Indian does not define me; being able to celebrate both heritages with equal respect and enthusiasm does. I was in pain, my face red, consumed with anger and scarred with grass stains.I got up, embarrassed by my impaired lack of direction.With so much to know in this world, it is an utter shame not to conquest in curiosities that beckon and stir the imagination.However, in a time when technology is solving many of the world's enigmas, I am hopeful that mysteries will still be left for me to uncover. As evident, my life is a story of lessons, experiences and skills that when combined, personify who I am.I then go on to provide 4 distinct examples, or anecdotes to be precise, of what has made me, me.In the first one, I talk specifically about my ethnic background; however, I focus on the aspect of diversity and open mindedness.


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