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If so, he’s most likely giving you a hint as to what type of information to study.Has he done nothing but ramble on about the causes of the Vietnam War for the past three weeks, then seemingly at random mentions an in-class essay?I mean knowing what types of topics he thinks are important and what he’ll likely ask you to write about.

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Don’t lose valuable points for simply failing to read the directions!

If you’re allowed to use your book or your notes as you write an in-class essay, take advantage of the opportunity.

If so, you can probably assume that he’ll ask you to write something about the causes of the war.

Think about the major themes of the information you’ve been studying. Has your professor already given you objectives or told you what you should learn? Course descriptions usually have the goals and objectives of the course.) All of these can help you anticipate possible questions.

Should you compare and contrast, explain, analyze, or argue? If you’re asked to include at least three examples, make sure you’ve included three.

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If you’re specifically asked to avoid certain topics or arguments, then by all means avoid them.

But if it’s at least mid-term, you should have a pretty good sense of what your prof is like.

No, I don’t mean knowing that he’ll wear that goofy tweed jacket with elbow patches just because it’s Thursday and that’s what he wears every Thursday.

If your prof gives you lots of tips for studying for the essay or even gives you sample questions, don’t assume that you can just blow off studying.

Winging it when you get to class isn’t a good option.


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