Is Love At First Sight Real Essay

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Physical appearance and body language still give our unconscious brain plenty of information so that the personality we make up is not so drastically different from the truth.

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And here I am, three years after that first meeting, a happy wife of a loving and nice husband.

Frankly speaking, I thought him to be too handsome a man to be faithful, but in that moment I was definitely wrong.

When one falls in love at first sight, one gets preoccupied with the other individual just hours after meeting the individual and always wants to spend a significant amount of time with that individual.

One may also feel like telling the other individual everything about themselves.

The unwritten rule of love emphasizes that one should profess one’s loves to the other individual after a couple of dates, as well as after both parties feel they have known the other individual enough to be very comfortable around one another.

Love at first sight; however, makes one feel like saying he or she loves the other individual even before really getting to know the other individual.

These two variables give us plenty of information, which our brain automatically cross references to the empiric information it has at hand.

In fractions of a second, our brain registers the information and compares the new girl with every other girl we have know through our lives, and it arrives to a conclusion, which translates to a semi-fictional personality.

Falling in love makes people want to know more about a significant other than those who they have spent a very long time knowing.

One other interesting thing about falling in love at first sight is the feeling that one gets makes him or her want to profess their love to that individual the very first time they meet.


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