Jetblue Case Study Swot Analysis

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Jet Blue commenced service in February 2000 and established its primary base of operations at New York's John F. On August 28, 2001, it began service at its West Coast base of operations, Los Angeles' Long Beach Municipal Airport.As of February 11, 2004, it operated 222 weekday flights, including 108 weekday flights between the Northeast and Florida, 66 weekday flights between the East Coast and western United States and 48 weekday short-haul flights. One of these strengths is the unique relationship that the company has enjoyed virtually since its inception with its employees.

The leather surfaces are easier to maintain and last much longer (Essentials). Neeleman is not against unionization but he would prefer to avoid them.

He feels if management and employees trust one another and if people feel they are compensated fairly, he believes that there's no need for a third party.

Efficient and talented employee help Jet Blue to perform operation in a better way to facilitate its customers. domestic airline by Coned Nast Traveler magazine’s “Readers’ Choice Awards” for the sixth year in a row.

Consumer are satisfied from the services offered by Jet Blue. Former employees of Southwest Airlines are currently working with Jet Blue.

Jet Blue also focuses on longer flights (Essentials).

Neeleman decided to upholster every seat in leather, which costs ,000 more per plane.Better use of technology, reservation are handled online with the unique reservation system.Jet Blue is still new in the industry as compared to other Airlines.This course introduces students to the theoretical concepts and analytical tools required for formulating and implementing appropriate strategies that affect the enduring success of the entire organization.Topics covered include external and internal environmental analyses, business-level strategies, corporate-level strategies, strategy process and implementation, and special topics such as competitive dynamics and competition in high tech industries.Weak financial reporting, highlighted in the audit. Joint ventures with other Airlines for new market development.It has been using a single fleet Jet Blue financial position is strong, so it can think for further expansion nationally and internationally. Terrorism is the major concern after 9/11 Incident.He signed a 5-year non-compete agreement not to launch another airline.Kelleher hired Neeleman at Southwest but was not happy with the structured environment he did not control and was fired (Essentials of Entrepreneurship p78).In the early planning process, 20 members of Jet Blue's management staff met for two days and settled on five core values: safety, caring, integrity, fun and passion.These five values result in a superior customer and crewmember experience (Motley Fool).


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