Julius Ceasar Assassination Essay

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Persuaded by his friend, soldier to soldier, Caesar agreed to go in person to announce the meeting would be postponed.

Shortly after, a slave arrived at Caesar’s house to warn him of the plot against his life. A short while later, a man named Artemidorus of Cnidus pushed through the jostling crowds and handed Caesar a roll setting out details of the plot.

He may have started and won a civil war that eventually vested absolute power in him.

He may have begun highly popular social and political reforms, and even had time to abolish the chaotic ever-changing calendar and bring in his “Julian calendar,” which lasted a millennium and a half until tweaked by Pope Gregory in 1582.

As it happens, the murder of Caesar did turn out to be a key moment in history.

Caesar may have brought Rome glory in his conquest of Gaul.In the English-speaking world, we know a slightly different story, thanks to Shakespeare.He lifted Caesar’s dramatic dying words, “Et tu, Brute?They do note, however, that some people were spreading the story that Caesar had gasped, “καὶ σὺ, τέκνον? ” It is, perhaps, one of Shakespeare’s most famous lines and, as a direct result, “the Ides” has come to mean a date of doom. In Rome’s impossibly complicated calendar, every month had an Ides.Although Monty Python spelled out many of the Romans’ achievements, a user-friendly dating system was not among them.Fearing for his life, she begged him not to leave the house. He had been flying through the air, and shaken hands with Jupiter. The day was an important annual celebration in Rome’s religious calendar, and he had called a special meeting of the Senate.His first appointment of the day was a quick sacrifice at a friend’s house. Caesar joked that his prophecies must be off as nothing had happened. The sacrifices proceeded, but the animals’ innards were blemished and the day was plainly inauspicious.As the 30 days passed, nothing whatsoever happened.Yet when the 15th of March dawned, Caesar’s wife awoke distressed after dreaming she held his bloodied body.But the crowds were so thick he had no chance to read it.The main Senate House was being rebuilt on Caesar’s orders, so the meeting was instead at the Curia behind the porticoed gardens attached to the great Theatre of Pompey.


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