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Field Work: If you are intending to undertake fieldwork, UWA must be able to contact you while you are in the field.You may also need to obtain the appropriate documentation, such as a research visa, if you are intending to do research in another country.Tertiary Education Institute, University of Queensland, Brisbane): Also include in this section an outline of the conceptual framework, design and/or methods.

There is a range of support you can access to help you submit a high quality research proposal.

Your proposal should follow the GRS Research Proposal Guidelines and should be 15 pages or less in length.

You may choose to complete some approved statistics units as you can enrol in up to 24 points of coursework units if the specified coursework units are necessary for completion of the degree program. A free statistical advice clinic is offered by the Centre for Applied Statistics which also offers regular statistics short courses.

Skills development: You should assess if you need to develop any particular skills in order to complete your project.

In this way, you can justify the approach you have selected for conducting your investigation and assessing your evidence.

Confidential information, sensitive information and/or intellectual property issues: If your project involves confidentiality or intellectual property issues, you should read the relevant confidentiality and intellectual property rules and policies.

Using the skills audit proforma, break down your project into stages, assess your ability to complete each of these stages with the skill set you currently have.

If your audit indicates you require skills development, indicate how you plan to acquire these skills.

Title: Choose a title for your project that reflects your research question in one succinct phrase. You may find it useful to review some thesis titles in your research area in the UWA Research Repository.

Your title can be revised over the course of your candidature.


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