Life Without Electricity Essay

Life Without Electricity Essay-68
Before we had washing machines, we relied on washboards and washed clothes by hand.

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Smoking, salting, and drying food were also good ways to extend the shelf life of produce.

Without electricity, you had to cook over an open fire, such as on a metal stovetop or over a fireplace.

Later, people started using manual washing machines.

These used compressed air and suction mechanisms to churn your dirty laundry around in the soapy water and remove dirt and stains.

Getting to school would be another thing cars would not be drivable due to gas being pupmed by electricity.

So you would probably have to ride a home made bike or use a horse but then your school would not have a way to run its self either.Electricity powers every area of our modern lives, so it’s no surprise how much labour and time savings it brings.Without electricity keeping our food fresh and our homes warm and well lit, we would end up losing a lot of comfort and convenience.were some of the ways you could light up your home after dark.If you were eating, reading a book, or taking a bath after sunset, you needed to carry your lamp or candle with you to make sure you didn’t trip over or end up fumbling in the dark.Hence in the winter months, firewood was essential and keeping a fire going throughout the day served two purposes: you could cook meals over the fire while you heated up the space.While today it’s easy enough to fill the kettle and switch it on for your cup of tea, in the old days you had to start the fire, add extra firewood, and suspend the billy can over a fire or set it over the stove.The petrol model was hailed as a big advancement on the charcoal design as it ran on petrol and incremental heat control was possible.The electric washing machine is probably one of the biggest labour-saving appliances in the modern household.So how did we live before electricity was discovered?Today electricity is readily available and it’s hard to imagine life without it.


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