Literature Review On Talent Management

Literature Review On Talent Management-19
These are the important tools and well as contributors towards human talent management and value creation.Competency Focus We utilized the term pivotal competencies to refer the set of crucial skills (talent component) that organization can develop among high potential (talent) employees towards the value driven organization.

Here talent pooling refers to pool up these high potential and high performing employees who can be exposed to these pivotal competencies to fill the current or future key positions of the organization.The approach of talent management lies within the boundaries of Human Resource Management (Lewis & Heckman, 2006), and based on theories of organizational behavior and human resource management (Thunnissen, Boselie & Fruytier, 2013).In addition to that TM targets, a group of top potential candidates deployed or to be deployed at companies strategic positions, who contribute towards the sustainable competitive advantage (Collings & Mellahi, 2009).Competency-based approaches have been critical to many organizational functions like succession planning, performance management, and human capital planning.These approaches were eminent, as they eased the process of skill, knowledge, ability, and behavior identification to manage right human capital for current and future needs, aligned with that of business strategy.Competence is one of the essential elements which signifies a talented incumbent (Gallardo-gallardo, Dries, & González-cruz, 2013; Ulrich, Brockbank, Johnson, & Younger, 2007), once developed in a better way, leads to excellent and exceptional job performance (Gallardo-Gallardo et al., 2013).Competency being very old concept having its footprints in Roman history, they used to practice a similar function that of competency profiling to detail out the attributes of “good Roman soldier”.Talent management remains one of the most challenging functions for the businesses in current dynamic and volatile environment.The best of any business is to remain step ahead by strategizing the available skills in an organization and use them according to objectives of business.The focus of this paper is to review the existing relevant literature and to identify different constructs of human talent management (competency focus, talent pooling, talent investment and talenting orientation), and their influence on organization’s value creation.Further, propose a conceptual model and few propositions, which may enhance our understanding how talent management orientation influences the value creation of a firm.


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