Luxury Brand Marketing Case Studies

If anything, it makes Cyber Monday just another part of the Black Friday frenzy.Another reason Cyber Monday offer fatigue has been setting in is because there’s a greater access to sales, and not just from an “online versus in-store” standpoint.Consumers also showed they wanted deals earlier in the week, so merchants responded by offering earlier-in-the-week deals.

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That projection means more record sales – but this time favoring Black Friday rather than Cyber Monday.

What this means for 2017: It’s safe to say that you can’t assume that customers will always be shopping the same days.

The growth consumerism is great news for your affiliate program, now you just need to stay on top of it.

The reason why advertisers will want to focus on keeping Cyber Monday strong is because, after Black Friday weekend, a huge majority of holiday shoppers aren’t even close to finished with their holiday shopping.

In fact, Black Friday eclipsed Cyber Monday in sales on mobile devices, albeit just barely – $1.2 billion compared to 1.19 billion.

Luxury Brand Marketing Case Studies

A small margin, but also the second year in a row this has happened.Mobile devices have enabled the average consumer to shop on the go, get alerts about deals, and quickly compare offers from different advertisers and publishers to see what meets their needs best.What does this mean for 2017: There are too many offers that are too accessible out there for consumers now, and that’s a great thing – you keep your offers fresh and competitive.If anything, Cyber Monday – which was once seen as the e-commerce event of the year – was now just a continuation of the sales seen on Black Friday. In this case study, we aim to highlight some trends facing consumers and affiliate marketers that could have caused these flags to raise, highlighting why these issues are important and what they mean to your entire affiliate marketing strategy in 2017 – not just your holiday strategy.There has been a trend going on for a few years now where Black Friday is creeping back into the top ranks that Cyber Monday claimed when consumers started seeing serious extra value in shopping and getting great deals online versus waiting out in the cold for stores to open early after Thanksgiving.Shopping is getting more competitive with more holidays (real and made up) sprouting up.In 2017 you’ll need to be vigilant of consumer shopping habits, doing things like taking advantage of quirky/fun holidays.By the time Cyber Monday arrives, consumers may have found the deals they’re already looking for, or – as is the case – they’re not seeing any new, compelling offers that will make them more likely to convert if the weekend’s offers didn’t do the trick.In other words, consumers see the same thing Monday that they saw on Friday (or even Wednesday or Thursday) and gloss over it because there’s nothing fresh or enticing.Part of this has to do with the fact that consumers are more comfortable shopping later into the season.They believe they can find better deals and don’t have to worry about whether or not the product will arrive when they shop online thanks to faster shipping options and offers/days like Free Shipping Day, enabling them to shop with the security of a good deal and by-Christmas delivery.


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