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Funded by the Scholarship Catalyst Program, the trip facilitated a project that examines the role of contemporary Austrian crime fiction as social critique.

At the center of the 10-day trip was attending the 14th annual Crime Night () in Salzburg.

George Cole, Associate Professor of Spanish, gave the closing Keynote Address at the I Simposio Internacional para Jóvenes Investigadores: Extremadura y América, Nuevas Líneas de Investigación that took place at the University of Extremadura in Caceres, Spain on October 24th and 25th.

The title of his speech was "Paralelos entre Los naufragios de Cabeza de Vaca y La Odisea: la tenue frontera entre la crónica histórica y la literatura".

Altman Humanities Center at Miami University of Ohio.

The title of her lecture is "Trash, Recycling and Post-Crisis Madrid" and is the core of her most recent research project.So, we walked with gleaming mouths andshot round oranges into hoops, snapped tenderfruit into thin training bras and whenwe took our teeth out we couldstill make oranges out ofthe circle in our eyes, hazel and bluegreen. We know how to look at each other now,how to make the other eat.Twelve TTU humanities scholars presented their work in a constellation of mini-lectures on October 18th in the Mc Kenzie-Merket Center. The two week intensive class trained students in recognizing, reading and understanding Greek Epigraphy (inscriptions in stone) from archaic Greece to late antiquity in the Roman Empire. Vaughn also joined an international team of researchers from Greece, Switzerland, and the United States in the Mazi Archaeological Project, a diachronic regional survey in northwest Attica, Greece. B., and the Construction of Literary Fields" examines the formation of the concept of a national literature by way of a close reading of the 1972 novel La saga/fuga de J. He not only gained professional development as a teacher of Arabic but also received invaluable opportunities to explore career interests. In addition, Stine applied and was selected to participate in an international post-graduate course in Greek Epigraphy hosted by the British School in Athens. student, for winning the best paper, "Comparative Identities in the Eastern Mediterranean: Exile, Homecoming, and Reintegration in Archaic Greek and Middle Egyptian Narrative Poetry", in the Literature I category at the Arts and Humanities Graduate Research Conference. Hundreds of scholars, workers, specialists and students have taken part in the project over the span of 86 years resulting in hundreds of scholarly articles adding much to our understanding of ancient Greek history and culture.Chattering teeth, smashing gums intosugar, like how your mother showed usin the kitchen.The steam would burn our eyes,but it didn't count as crying.Other speakers in the series included Saskia Sassen, Neil Brenner, Andrew Ross, and Alison Isenberg.Anita Mc Chesney, Assistant Professor of German, traveled to Austria on October 11-22 to conduct research.For anyone, undergraduate, graduate, or professor, who is more interested in getting in touch with the roots of Latin and the traditions, I cannot suggest this program, or any other program with the Paideia Institute, enough." CMLL had a strong presence at the 7th Annual Arts & Humanities Graduate Research Conference on November 17, 2017. This unprecedented unanimous first place award went to Catherine Ragsdale, (Spanish major) for her poem, "Valencia".Sarah Schiffecker, Master's LACU-German - Teaching (more than) a language- The value of grammar in a communicative approach to language teaching Dylan Lewis, Master's LACU-German - "Facts are such horrid things! Valencia Catherine Ragsdale We walked like that for a while,children with orange peel grins.


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