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There are no scenes of sexual nature making it suitable for children to see also children might find it appealing to them because of the animated character in the video.The song featured in this video has no bad words in it making it appeal to anyone again. They have not use a man, woman or child as their main character which makes it fair and non stereotypical.

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Introduction Music Video Analysis - Coffee and TV The song Coffee and TV is by a band called Blur.

The music video is about an animated milk carton who decides to leave home because no one has given him any attention.

Still, the lack of attention generally paid to music videos was noted at a recent event in Sydney, where a panel of music video directors gathered to discuss the state of the art form, and to celebrate the best examples in Australian video making (including award winning local clips Born Dirty by Butter, Love is My Disease by The Jezebels, and You Were Right by RUFUS).

The immense popularity of this video is because this simplicity allows the incredible choreography to shine, rather than relying on Beiber’s star presence.

I think the target audience for this music video is aimed at everyone.

This video appeals to its audience because of the use of animation.The milk carton doesn't seem to be as scared anymore and he then feels happy because he has found the missing person.They both get on a bus and the weather looks sunny again.The milk carton discovers the missing person whose picture is on the back of the carton itself.The missing person is playing the Coffee and TV song with his band.The authors do not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and have disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment.RMIT University provides funding as a strategic partner of The Conversation AU.At the end of the music video the person drinks the milk and the milk carton slowly floats unto heaven. Conclusion At the end of the video where you see the band playing the song they seem relaxed and they look like they are enjoying themselves.The band do not dance in this video as you can not really dance to this song because it is a little slow and something you would listen to when you want to relax or chill out.The milk carton falls through the window and the missing person picks it up.The missing person turns out to be the lead singer of the band.


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