Microscope Lab Report

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Global alignment of two sequences - Needleman-Wunsch Algorithm || Smith-Waterman Algorithm - Local Alignment of Sequences || Pairwise Sequence Alignment using BLAST || Pairwise sequence alignment using FASTA || Aligning Multiple Sequences with CLUSTAL W || Construction of Cladogram || Phylogenetic Analysis using PHYLIP - Rooted trees || Phylogenetic Analysis using PHYLIP - Unrooted trees || Genome Annotation and Multiple Sequence Allignment.

In this virtual lab, one will study the computational analysis of proteins.

Gram Stain Technique || Aseptic Technique and the Transfer of Microorganisms || Streak Plate Method || Motility Test || Catalase and Coagulase Test || Lecithinase Test || Bacterial Growth Curve || Carbohydrate Fermentation Test || Differential and Cytological Staining Techniques || Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing || Methylene Blue Reductase Test To study the biochemical properties of microorganisms, the various techniques employed in cultivation of fungi and viruses along with the molecular level analysis of microbial genome.

Voges-Proskauer Test || Triple Sugar Iron Agar || Urease Test || Litmus Milk Test || Slide Culture Technique for Fungi || Bacteriophage Plaque Assay for Phage Titer || Isolation and Identification of Auxotrophic and Drug Resistant Mutants || Isolation and Identification of Two Bacterial Unknowns || Routes of Viral Inoculation in Embryonated Eggs || 16S Ribosomal RNA Sequencing The study of biology at a molecular level.

Retrieving sequence data from Entrez || Locating the chromosome of a Gene || Retrieve gene expression data from GEO || Retrieving articles using Pub Med || Finding ORF of a Given Sequence || Retrieving structural data of a protein using PDB database || Retrieving Motif Information of a Protein Using Prosite || Retrieving Gene Information from TAIR database || Designing a primer This virtual laboratory is for undergraduate and postgraduate students to get a deeper understanding on the analysis of sequence data, its alignment and the evolutionary relationship.

Qualitative Analysis of Amino Acid


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