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Watch our step by step guide to see how the assignment collapsible comments in Moodle 3.3 works.

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If you need help creating an assignment, you can follow along with our "How to create an assignment" article.

Once created and linked, students will be able to see the assignment in their zy Book and submit to Moodle for reporting purposes.

Now, this new (and very useful feature) in Moodle gives teachers the option of writing comprehensive feedback on assignments that can be collapsed so it won’t block over the original text.

This then makes reading feedback easier for students. When teachers are grading assignments and are adding comments as feedback for the student, comments are automatically collapsed as they move to a different area.

(2) Assignments, if desired, are created in zy Books, which also generate CSV files that can be uploaded.

We recommend starting with the reports approach, then considering assignments in a subsequent term (many are happy with and stay with the reports approach).

You can access Online Support wherever you are in Moodle by using the link with the same title in the menu top left of the page.

Common Spaces are places where information that is relevant to all students studying using a particular mode is shared.

If they need to see the comments again, the teachers simply need to click on them and the comments enlarge to become readable.

In addition, teachers can also collapse and expand all comments at once through a click of a button.


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