Multiple Intelligences Research Paper

Wow, students mastered the Spanish alphabet very quickly.

The reason might be that they loved the alphabet songs we learned!

Project participants noted that these methods impacted student achievement and attitudes in positive ways. The results raised student and teacher awareness of the multiple intelligences.

For research participants, this experience was an introduction to MI Theory and an opportunity to learn more about their own learning preferences.

The students loved getting in front of the class to play charades. Although some worried about not being good artists, they really enjoyed the drawing activity to represent vocabulary.

Students are now my sounding board for new activities and reflection on old activities.

Participating teachers shared ideas with each other, enriching classroom instruction at all project sites.

Background materials and planning tools provided by the researcher helped teachers develop lessons and alternative assessments.

The following links are to the forms that were used in Phases I and II. Marjorie Hall Haley should you use these forms in print.

Return to top The MI Study involved creating and disseminating a collection of instructional strategies and alternative forms of assessment that activated all eight intelligences.


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