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Even worse, he would joyously procure, that is, “pimp” his daughter for the right price.

One would be hard-pressed to make Doolittle appear any more virtueless as a father, but Lerner manages to do so in by adding two scenes prior to the Doolittle-Higgins encounter.

This essay critically analyses 'My Fair Lady' in terms of power, class and gender relations, all of which were predominant features in the Victorian period, and other attitudes of this time.

I will be considering the ways in which material culture is used to reinforce, undermine and negotiate these relations.

Doolittle reveals in Act V of that he never married Eliza’s mother, a point that surprises Pickering, accustomed as he is to “middle class morality.” As for Doolittle’s current missus, he divulges in Act II that he is willing to marry her, but only because he has “no hold on her.” He would marry her not out of love or any emotional attachment, but so that he would no longer have to give her presents and “buy her clothes something sinful” to keep her around.

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When Doolittle’s missus does concede to marry him later in the play, Doolittle dreads the forthcoming nuptials because they were brought on by respectability and his inadvertent rise into the middle class.

It saw great expansion of wealth, power and culture. Victorians created astonishing innovation and change in democracy, feminism, unionisation of workers, socialism and Marxism.

Above all, it was an age of paradox and power ( 2000).

Issues that will be discussed in the essay with regards to 'My Fair Lady' are: the class differences during the Victorian period, the power differences between the classes and genders, ie.

the power Henry Higgins had over Eliza Doolittle, the gender relations between Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins and the gender relations between Eliza Doolittle and Colonel Pickering.


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