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My Personal Goals-61
Remember that this is an important life skill so pay attention…

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So that was the 5 steps, not exactly rocket science.

It sounds easy enough but the trick is to keep things up and move closer to achieving your goals every day.

This article is all about goals, why they are important, how you can set them and finally how to achieve them. Well in this context, a goal is a personal objective.

Something you want to achieve within a specific period of time. They know exactly what they want they are working toward the achievement of their goals every single day.

Goal-setting theory draws on the concept that our conscious ideas guide our actions (Locke, 1968).

So, can we take this premise and apply it to the biggest, most meaningful objectives we could possibly set for ourselves—our life goals?

You have to have momentum going and you should ideally be taking an action every day to bring you one step closer to the achievement of your goal.

An example could be if you want to own a brand new Rolls-Royce, take action by ordering a brochure or even book a test drive.

Just like in business, objectives should be specific and measurable.

Ensure they are achievable and that are within the realms of reality otherwise you will run the risk of them becoming demotivating.


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