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That said, many students think that summary is analysis--not so.Read the page on analysis in Writer's Web to review this idea. ." This tactic is a pit into which many freshman writers stumble. It was a handy tactic in high school, but it is as rotten as Noah Webster's cadaver now. Zaius spoke that way when he read from the Sacred Scrolls in (the original and superior version of) Here a second rule, after "read aloud," comes into play.Most Richmond students are decent writers, but they can be very careless.

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It could be a person, a sound, or just how someone acts.

I grew up in a house where table manners were highly enforced. We are all most likely are thinking of that one person that we know who does this. Eating is something everyone does but chewing loudly, while you’re talking and chewing gum should be done with a closed mouth.

The "Dictionary" Intro: Most college teachers have read, and gnashed their teeth over, papers that begin "Webster's defines X as. It drives most college professors insane (students may enjoy this...). ASK your professors about words and terms that make them go crazy or, quite often, that work in one field of study but not in another.

The "March of History" Intro: Almost as rotten--avoid any papers that begin with "In history's panorama, one truth is. ." or "In the textures that make up the tapestry of English Literature. My own loathed usages follow."Comfort Zone": A recent addition that I HATE partly because it sounds so wimpy, secondly because it reflects too many students' desires never to take intellectual or social risks. "Irregardless": This word is the Paris Hilton of our language: everywhere, obnoxious, stupid.

Using the term for other works (nonfiction, collections of short stories, memoirs, works of history, philosophy, and the like).

I dock writers a full /- grade for this error alone."Society": Students love this word. When a student writes "society would not tolerate the indignity of TSA strip-searches," who is this "society?

Done properly, this method can actually expand a writer's vocabulary. He did not see the shadow at the door."Most of the time, however, all sentences in academic prose need a subject and predicate. If a sentence does not sound right, all by itself, when read aloud, it needs fixing.

If not, the professor ends up reading this: Original: "The novel has a lantern-jawed, two-fisted protagonist, Buck Buckaw. Apostrophes: With the exception of "it's," they indicate possession, as in "John's new car." They can also show contraction, as in "I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay." They NEVER mean plural as (incorrectly) in "Ten car's parked on my street."Subject/Verb Agreement Errors: Read all sentences carefully. Check all sources to get the authors' names correct (spell check is not going to help, here). Reproduce them exactly."Gendered" Language: Guys, get over it. "Politically Correct" here, but it irks me to always see the singular pronoun as "he" or "his." Smirk at that, but try writing a cover letter one day starting with "Dear Sirs." Since the world has changed, here is how to avoid gendering writing: make things plural whenever possible. Here is the test: how would you feel if someone walked up to you, said "passed slowly," then walked away without another word?

This man's man of a protagonist must overcome the difficulties of life in Alaska. I do not care if I lose this battle, but I will stand my ground until someone invents a better rule. Usually the subject gets too far from the verb because prepositional phrases intervene: "The author's treatment of grammatical skills bore the general reader." That should be "bores," but the verb has gotten far from the subject, "treatment."Misspelling the Names of People and the Titles of Books: This is a terrible mistake. "Students should research their options before choosing a college or university" works just as well, and is more inclusive than "A student should research his options before choosing a college or university." If no clever way exists to do this, rewrite the sentence. "fragments": Sometimes these can be used for dramatic effect: "An hour passed. See the Writer's Web page on the topic for more information. I maintain that it should be "center on." Think about the verb "center" for a moment.

This wild region challenges the protagonist until he reaches his wit's end." Better Revision: "The novel's protagonist, Buck Buckaw, must overcome the difficulties of life in Alaska. "It's" means "it is" while "its" is the possessive form of "it." It's quite easy to put the correct word in its place, once you have the hang of it. Example: "While we were out driving a tank crossed the road." Revisions: "While we were out driving, a tank crossed the road." or "A tank crossed the road while we were out driving."(The reader knows what the writer was driving!


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