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Turning people into sub-human objects for one’s rage is ridiculous. The accountability and transparency in this area is greater than it’s ever been in league history, by orders of magnitude.

Suggesting people lose their jobs over one’s narrow, untrained perspective of their performance, one heavily influenced by one’s own bias, is insane. Any crisis we view beyond this is of our own creation.

And lo and behold: People who originally planned to care for their children at home put much more stock and legitimacy into the study supporting home care; people originally planning to use daycare were far more convinced by the study supporting daycare. They were planning one approach with their children, and were happy to legitimize any information that backed up that choice, even when it went against their original beliefs.

These results were found even though this latter group originally in the value of home care over daycare, a remarkable reversal. The sharpest readers have already picked up on the basketball connection here.

(AP Photo/Jeff Chiu) That’s not the whole issue, though.

Others would point to the souring relationship between NBA players, coaches and officials, and with recent events in mind they’d have a point.Essentially, it hits on the well-researched theme that humans will interpret evidence in ways that conform to their own biases; that we believe what we want to believe, even in the face of significant contradictory evidence.A simple 2011 study by researchers Bastardi, Uhlmann and Ross took a smart approach to showcasing this phenomenon.Standard missed calls, the kind that have been happening for decades, suddenly become large-scale officiating “problems.” The relationship between players and refs, long divisive at best, is suddenly a major issue – but only because one side of that equation can’t stop blowing things up.Fans of teams who fall short in the playoffs are just dying to believe some outside source like referees took away their glory.The atmosphere has never been so volatile, certainly not in such visible ways. Is it on the refs themselves, a group who we’ve just established hasn’t gotten any worse at their jobs over that period of time?Or is it on other groups, namely players, coaches and secondarily the league itself, for the creation of – and failure to properly head off – this brewing issue?More reasonable folks will suggest tweaks to improve accuracy, though will often miss the fact that many such tweaks have already been tried at the G-League level without success (think four-ref crews, for instance, as NBA VP of Referee Training and Development Monty Mc Cutchen recently confirmed).The endpoint is the same: NBA refs are actually really good at this, and there’s no realistic path to improve them meaningfully.When you get them right at a mid-90s rate, there isn’t a whole lot of room to get better.Houston Rockets' Chris Paul, right, talks to referee Scott Foster during the first half of Game 2 of a second-round NBA basketball playoff series against the Golden State Warriors in Oakland, Calif., Tuesday, April 30, 2019.


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