Odysseus The Epic Hero Essay

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Odysseus is a hero due to the extraordinary leadership abilities exemplified as a result of his tenacious bravery, swift intellect, and selfless acts.

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Fame and honor are an essential part of a warrior-king's being, and Odysseus' defeat of such a formidable opponent as Polyphemus had to become part of Odysseus' recorded achievements even if the disclosure of his name put him and his men at risk.

A second episode depicking Odysseus' heroic nature occurs when, in Book 11, Circe tells Odysseus to journey to the underworld, Hades, in order to question the dead prophet, Teiresias, about Odysseus' fate.

Some people we think of the fit this description are police officers, fire fighters, and servicemen.

In The Odyssey by Homer, the main character, Odysseus, is considered a hero for fulfilling many heroic traits throughout his journey.

He has an idea of what awaits for him in the land of Hades, however the fact he journeys into the depth of the underworld alone requires much more adventurous bravery out of Odysseus.

Odysseus The Epic Hero Essay

The last type of courage shown by the hero is fortitude.

In Book XVII,when Odysseus returns to Ithaca in the disguise of a beggar, he purposely faces the suitors as a beggar in order to understand what he will face when he finally takes his revenge on those who have defiled his household.

At one point, he gets into a verbal altercation with Antinoos,one of the suitors, who throws a wooden stool at Odysseus, which hits him in the back, and Odysseus' response to this insult is: Anyone but a true heroic figure, who is biding his time in order to exact a final revenge on all the suitors, would have immediately engaged Antinoos.

When he finally tricks Polyphemus into letting him and his men, disguised as sheep, escape from Polyphemus's cave, Odysseus cannot keep from telling Polyphemus who has actually defeated him: This disclosure has been roundly criticized by readers and critics as an example of Odysseus' pride, and it is surely an instance in which Odysseus' pride overcomes common sense.

As several critics have pointed out, however, disclosing his real name is an act of heroism and defiance--Odysseus, as one of the leading warrior-kings in the Trojan War, could not let his triumph over Polyphemus be a mystery.


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