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The Olin Business School still wants to be a part of the region, Taylor said.

“Having three delivery points in the Midwest didn’t seem consistent with our new sort of international strategic policy,” Taylor said. The two locations are much smaller than Olin’s other locations.

Traditionally, employers have often paid much of the cost of an E.

In a letter sent to students earlier this year, Dean Mark Taylor wrote that administrators were “refocusing Olin’s resources” and would no longer be offering the first year of its E. But it’s also reflective of shifts in the market for E. The Olin Business School is not the only one to decide to close a program away from campus.

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students to Washington for an immersion program with the Brookings Institution that focuses on policy issues, government regulations, appropriation, budgeting and legislative action.

They were also small in comparison to the business school's other M.

in Chicago was always on the small side, Brown said -- it had about 30 to 35 students per cohort for a total of about 70 students overall at any one time. “Today, I think a broader theme in all of this, as we look at removing geography as a barrier to education, is to what extent do universities really want to be spending on brick-and-mortar stuff anywhere? “Smaller regional players are going to find that they lose money when they end up getting into these markets, and then they end up exiting.” Chicago was a competitive market for the University of Illinois program. space, like Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

“Now that there is an online alternative, geography is becoming less relevant,” Brown said. “As more and more schools are trying to use technology and operate at scale, you will see fewer players with larger programs that are financially sustainable,” Brown said. business model in place and have managed to operate effectively and at scale.


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