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[tags: History Ireland Cromwell] - A strong man, with skillful military ability, helped to construct a plan to overthrow King Charles I during his reign of tyranny (Iggulden, Conn and Iggulden 79).

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" Oliver Cromwell was neither a hero nor a villain.

The evidence and opinions gathered will state, how he went from good to bad, and from bad to evil....

Some of them assert that Cromwell was a hypocritical and selfish tyrant, rebelling only for the sake of money and fame, while others argue that he was a real revolutionary and fighter for wellbeing of the English nation. It gave a fatal crash for the European feudal system" Unquestionably, Cromwell played a very important role in the England's affairs of that time.

As a political and military leader, he had a Cromwell grasped the evil intentions of Charles.

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After the death of the king, Parliament ran England - but still, in Cromwell’s point of view this system did not work effectively.

Oliver Cromwell was born April 25, 1599, in Huntingdon, England; near the end of the Elizabethan age (Kaplan 5)....

[tags: Biography] - Oliver Cromwell was born on April 25, 1599 to Robert Cromwell and Elizabeth Steward, and died in 1658.

This work will look at three interpretations from different people on who Cromwell was and what he was like and compare them....

[tags: Oliver Cromwell, military, bias,] - The aim of this essay, is to answer the long-awaited question 'Was Oliver Cromwell a hero or a villain. James Heath once said "His name and memory stink." In opposition, Samuel Pepys said "People look back and praise him." True. This essay will argue Edmond Ludlow's words," How glorious, but then such betrayal!


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