Online Gaming Essay

There are several negative effects experienced when you get used to playing video games.

This essay seeks to discuss about the causes and reasons of video gaming, positive effects, and negative effects especially in terms of addiction.

Computer games originally started in the year 1972.

It started with pang which was a computer tennis game that was later developed into a software program.

The gambling industry is estimated to gross around $40 billion a year.

Majority goes to the government in some form or another and one of the reasons people are starting to look toward the Internet is the fact that the companies can be based offshore and be free of taxes.

The young generation of today view gaming as fun and a good way of spending leisure time( Zamani, 2009).

Computer games help one to relax his or her mind after long working hours.

Online games were created in a way that each and every level has its own challenges to it is hard to proceed to the next level until one fully clinches to the top.

Teenagers always desire to disapprove most things in life, and that is why they will play different games in order to finish the given levels.


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