Oversoul Essay Emerson

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Writer says that if you wish to see God then you must look at yourself or at other people. This is the main reason why writer says to avoid going to temples but taking care of people. Thus, this essay turns at the end when writer suggests readers to look at each other.

This is a great message given for all people from all religions. It is necessary to think about your life instead of only thinking about God.

Emerson argues they derive from our connection to the Over-Soul.

The Over-Soul contains and unites all individual souls, and acts as the animating force behind each individual.

If you wish to read something new or something different then this essay can be surely one you opt for.

As usual Ralph Waldo Emerson proved his clever and out of box thinking level.

Nonetheless, our soul can grow to more intimately connect with and experience the Over-Soul.

Such growth occurs not by gradation, but by evolution or ascension into a new state of virtue.

God will provide no answer to questions of the future, for humans should live in the present and accept “the tide of being which floats us into the secret of nature.” Revelation properly understood is instead the “influx of the Divine mind into our mind,” and can be seen all across the history of religion.

When our soul mingles with the Over-Soul in a moment of revelation, we receive a new truth or perform a great feat.


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