Painting Hobby Essay

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Hobbies, let me remind you, are supposed to be something different from work.

But alien values like “the pursuit of excellence” have crept into and corrupted what was once the realm of leisure, leaving little room for the true amateur.

If the soil is not god, the garden will not flourish.

Dig the surface of the earth; then mix the top soil with manure and water.

The grapes, guavas and pomegranates of my garden are very sweet and juicy.

Last year I planted a mango sapling which to the surprise of my friends, relatives and even myself, has borne fruit this year.

Dig a small hole , place the small plants along with the soil into the ground and cover with the mixed soil. Gardening makes one happy; when one is tired of studying or staying indoors, gardening gives one the opportunity to make light work outside.

Moving around in the garden is also a kind of exercise for the body.

It may seem a small thing, but — at the risk of sounding grandiose — I see it as a sign of a civilization in decline.

The idea of leisure, after all, is a hard-won achievement; it presupposes that we have overcome the exigencies of brute survival.


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