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A thoroughgoing investigation of the terms “bravery” and “cowardice,” Paths of Glory offers far more than a mere “anti-war” statement, paring with almost surgical precision to the heart of the fear, hubris and mendacity that keep the war machine going. Preening, ambitious General Mireau (George Macready) is informed by his superior General Broulard (Adolphe Menjou) that the army’s top brass has elected to take action against a seemingly impregnable German stronghold.If Mireau’s troops triumph, a top promotion will be his.Kennan wrote “World War II seemed really so extensively predetermined; it developed and rolled its course with the relentless logic of the last act of a classical tragedy.”[2] With this in mind, how much say did the United States have in being drawn in to World War II?

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Everyone seemed to be enjoying an extremely high standard of living, and in fact, war had become so unpopular that in 1928 the Kellogg-Briand Pact was ratified, essentially outlawing war.

[3] Though the United States was politically isolationist, American companies and Banks were not.

The workings of that insanity are made clear in every one of Kubrick’s cool, crisp images, some giving off an almost newsreel-like sense of authenticity.

The sequence in which the camera tracks dramatically through the trenches (Chapter 3) is justly famous.

One man from each squadron is chosen by lot to stand trial.

Colonel Dax (Kirk Douglas), one of the officers leading the attack, sympathetic to the hopeless situation faced by his men, asks to defend them at the proceedings.Kubrick would go on todetail the workings of warfare in other more complex ways (Dr. Still, despite the passing of some thirty years, Paths of Glory remains one of his most lucid, powerful achievements.This content was written by a student and assessed as part of a university degree.A skilled lawyer in civilian life, Dax eloquently defends the soldiers, but he cannot prevent an outcome that was planned from the start.The men go to their deaths -- though Dax happens across an important piece of information that undoes Mireau at the last moment.Kubrick makes it abundantly clear that Dax is the hero of the film, with Douglas—in a wonderfully disciplined performance—railing against injustice.But at the same time Kubrick adds an element of doubt.Veteran character actors George Macready and Adolphe Menjou crown their long careers with brilliant portrayals of the martinet Mireau and his devious adversary Broulard.Ralph Meeker, Joseph Turkel, and Timothy Carey are brilliant as the doomed soldiers.During this time the United States became inherently isolationist and unwilling to get involved with world affairs.This essay will discuss whether President Roosevelt was viewed “as the pawn of public and Congressional isolationism, or as a sagacious politician who slowly guided the nation toward his own internationalist philosophy.”[1] George F.


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