Persuasive Speech Rubric Middle School

Rubrics are useful tools for setting expectations and assessing a variety of student assignments.

This lesson will provide you with a template off of which you can design your own persuasive speech rubric.

Satisfactory: Student kept the audience's attention for some of the speech with minimal interesting language and tone of voice.

Needs Improvement: Student lost the audience's attention and used uninteresting language and flat tone of voice.

Exceeds Expectations: Student concluded the speech by restating the position and summarizing key points.

Student was able to answer almost all questions asked about their argument.This lesson is the best tool you could use to design your rubric for assessing students' persuasive speeches.It will be specific enough to help set expectations for your students while general enough so that you can make changes to fit a variety of persuasive speech activities.Checklist Question: Did I conclude my speech by restating my points and summarizing my argument?Will I be able to answer questions about my argument?Checklist Question: Am I using interesting language to keep my audience's attention?Do I know when to adjust my tone of voice to make a point?Checklist Question: Have I practiced speaking clearly and at a good rate?Do I know how to sound excited and passionate about the argument I am making?Needs Improvement: Student was difficult to understand and spoke too quickly.Little to no excitement or passion was shown about the arguments being made.


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