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• Participants are expected to be proficient in English language skills.

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Luder-Wycliffe Theological Seminary considers the completion of a Master’s Degree program appropriate academic preparation for admission to the Doctorate by Dissertation program.

We follow the British educational model in this respect. We believe the advanced and experienced Theological student has obtained sufficient academic progress up to this point and is now fully prepared to develop a cohesive and comprehensive dissertation.

All materials for the Degree by Dissertation throughout this process should be transmitted to the candidate’s advisor, which will be appointed once enrolled into the program. At this time the student may begin developing the research methods philosophy upon which the development of their dissertation with be based. This will include research methods to be used, materials that will be used in this research and location of these materials to the student.

Lists of possible primary and secondary sources should be included in this document, whether or not they are actually used in the final development of the dissertation.Luder-Wycliffe is pleased to announce our newest model of degree acceleration through the mode of Degree by Dissertation (dissertation/thesis).Although this model (Degree by Dissertation) of learning can be done in a shorter amount of time compared to the traditional course work method, it is by no means less taxing.Manuscript guidelines for preparation and presentation of the dissertation will be provided to the student when the student has registered as a Doctoral Candidate by payment of the program costs.DOCTORATE BY DISSERTATION — DEGREE PROCESS Participants pursuing the doctorate degree by dissertation shall complete a ten-phase process equivalent to typical work beyond the Master’s degree in a traditional doctoral program which shall include — 1. In conjunction with the LWTS, develop a dissertation topic appropriate for this level of academic achievement. The student will receive official LWTS approval of the dissertation topic. Develop and present a strategy for researching the approved dissertation topic.The Degree by Dissertation program is a very rigorous endeavor, but just as rewarding.Luder-Wycliffe Theological Seminary offers the Degree by Dissertation to the following degree levels: NOTE: The Ph. degree requirements in the Degree by Dissertation are exactly the same as for the Th. Only the subject matter will differ between the two.• This program is intended for students who are self motivated and can work independently. Students work independently, communicating with the Dean and/or advisors throughout the process. The candidate must be in ongoing contact with their advisor on a regular basis, which is fundamental to this process.APPLICATION AND ACCEPTANCE Application to the LWTS Th. program is an on-line process at the student has been admitted to the degree program, full payment of this fee will be an acknowledgement by the student as accepting the LWTS admission process and to the Doctorate by Dissertation Program which will culminate at its completion with the award of a Doctorate in Theology (Th.• Participants should have at least a few years of meaningful professional ministerial experience (i.e., pastoral, chaplaincy, religious education). • The dissertation topic must focus Christian disciplines which may include but not limited to the following: Theology, Systematic Theology, Biblical Theology, Theory and Practice of Ministry, Biblical Studies, Christian Ethics, Church History, Christian Philosophy, Pastoral Care, Biblical Counseling, Eschatology, and Apologetics.All, however, must have a firm theological premise upon which they are based.


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