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This is the only phobia that is treated as a medical condition.

Causes of phobias Although the definite cause of phobias remains a mystery, these conditions are believed to be at least partly inherited and seem to run in the family.

It could be an object, an animal, a situation or an environment.

Such fears are persistent, intense, excessive and unrealistic, which is primarily why phobias are deemed irrational.

Exposure theraphy means repeated exposure to your phobia or the frightening object.

A phobia is essentially a human being's irrational fear of something.Such people often avoid social situations and become particularly uneasy when in the company of unknown people.Fear of public scrutiny may cause the person to avoid people to the extent of not eating in restaurants or using public restrooms. People who have been shy or solitary as children or who have a history of unhappy or negative social experiences in childhood, seem more likely to develop this disorder.~ When the individual in question is suddenly faced with the trigger, he or she will immediately plunge into a state of panic.Severe anxiety may cause the person to escape such a situation at the first opportunity.They have found different and unnatural things frightening.Actually,these fears affect people starting from their childhood, because people cant see the difference between unreal things and real things when they are children.Phobias can be diveded into three main types, these are social phobias, panic disorder and specific phobias. Describing phobias with their causes and treatments and also describing one of the most common phobias with ýts causes and treatments are really necessary to show how they are unreal things. It is possible to have a phobia of anything at all. For instance, they are caused by a frighening event.' The memory is locked in and held with the frightening feelings so that when a similar event is experienced, the fear is brought out automatically ( or they may not be direct or single reasons.We call this imbalance in the nervous system "psychological sensitivity" which is influenced by life experiences and trauma, personality type, underlying mood, anxiety, or behavioral disorders, unhealthy activities and lifestyle choices, underlying medical problems and lack of support and poor coping skills and strategies.People have had some fears since the beginning of the humanitiy.


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