Physical Development Observation Essay

He could move forward and backward moreover he was able to climbing upstairs and downstairs without support.He was often running, hopping and skipping on the rides or on the floor.He could pick and carry some toys he was interested in.

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The three observations are attached in the appendix at the back of this assignment.

The first observation I carried out was a Narrative observation focusing on the area of language.

Being able to observe the child can help you provide with the child need to become attached.

According to the book, “observation alone may help your feeling for this child grow”(Gonzalez-Mena & Eyer, 2009 p.290).

An example of observing is watching the child play certain times of the day.

Kathy's favorite program is the Teletubbies, and enjoys watching it together with her mother.

Caregivers can also be respectful to children in order to become attached.

Caregivers may observe each child so that they can get an understanding of the child.

Although not every child will reach the expected patterns of development, my observation shows that child x has reached the patterns of development.

Sheridan progress and needs in one or several areas of learning and development, this judgement is then used to plan provision for that child in the future.


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