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We like to involve Keap employees from every department in our quarterly planning process.

They give input through a series of exercises we call SWOT . We use the “plus” concept to refer to the inclusive, collaborative approach.

Just as valuable, a shared vision helps create a sense of community, making the journey more satisfying.

In the worksheet at the end of this kit, we’ll give you an opportunity to create a purpose statement for your business, which will propel you through your annual planning session.

Each year, take the time to measure progress and assess the specific steps you’ll take in the coming year to ensure that you stay on track. We invite our entire company to participate in annual planning because some of the best ideas come from the people whose hands are closest to the work.

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Like many new small business owners, you probably dream of financial independence, the freedom of spending your time as you wish, being your own boss, or feeling content by filling a void in the market.While a group will naturally respond to questions from their own team or department’s point of view, the facilitator should help maintain a company perspective.Everyone is working toward shared solutions that support the mission. Write down all the ideas, preferably on poster board or giant, sticky notes hung on the wall.The best way to ensure you reach your goals is to go through the important process of annual planning.This will help you formally identify if you’re on track, or even if changes in circumstances—like new technology, market changes, turnover and new products—mean you need to reassess your long-range plan.After all, if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there.In addition, to build cohesion and foster growth, everyone in your company has to share that vision.Over the years, we’ve tried several terms to describe our process, and SWOT is the one that stuck. It’s a great way to celebrate successes, learn from mistakes, and move forward as a team, but it’s important the facilitator of a SWOT session creates a completely safe environment where honest input can be given and received openly.Perspective is another necessary factor for a successful SWOT session.Setting concrete performance goals is a great idea, but you need to support them with a realistic plan to achieve success. In this strategic planning kit, we’re going to look at the strategic planning process Keap employed to grow the company over 10 years into a 0 million enterprise.This kind of strategic planning is crucial, but you have to do it right. By following these guidelines, your business can do more than just survive—you can thrive.


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